A mentorship community for encouraging sustainable growth in software start ups.

The Idea

We aspire to create a place where companies can grow when their founders choose a path of bootstrapping, rich with access to advice and encouragement. We realized that a lot of new companies thrive while working closely with successful companies who were started in a similar way, and we can provide that environment along with access to successful founders and the teams they work with.

The Purpose

The purpose of this community is to help smart founders build more successful bootstrapped companies. It’s intended for those who plan to charge their customers money for the software they provide. Wildbit and many of our friends in the industry are good at building products that have long term and sustainable growth, and that’s what we want to help others achieve.

The People

ThinkStrapped is for founders and team members of bootstrapped software companies. Their companies should be less than two years old and actively charging for their service or product. These founders already have built or are developing models with direct customer value in mind, and the intent of building a profitable and sustainable business. Members of this community will be selected from applicants in order to focus the efforts of the mentors and help generate a focused next-generation of mentors.

The Offering

As a part of being invited to join this community, each selected company will get focused support from mentors for three months. After those three months, all members of the community will have continued access to each other and any new community resources as they are developed.

The Mentors

And Their Successful Bootstrapped Products

Application is closed for now.